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Drinking water

Drinking water
In PORTUGAL is the water coming from the tap, no drinking water, because it is mixed with chlorine – in winter on some places a little less, in the hot summer months but continuously quite strong – and it tastes really just out. Also in tea or coffee. The then get as a sharp aftertaste reminiscent of burnt rubber away – how does this come about I do not know however.
So it is better to buy drinking water, if you spent your holiday in a cottage at the Algarve. That there is in the  5-liter cans, which occupy whole shelf space in supermarkets everywhere, and from 39 cents up to about 90 cents to taste. This in turn has to do with the quality, or its origin. Spring water from the coast of the upstream Monchique is for example particularly expensive, but it also exhibits very good values. I do it in the summer so: I buy the cheap water for my tea and coffee and cooking – and more expensive to drink directly.

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