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Algarve – hiking

Via Algarviana

The “Rota Vicentina” meets “Cabo de São Vicente” hiking South West of the Algarve at the Cape in the Algarve – via AlgarvianaIm on the trail “Via Algarviana”. This leads to Alcoutim 300 km from the Cape in the West in the Northeast. The “via Algarviana” roam the hilly countryside and the mountains in the North of the Algarve. In the often little-populated areas of rural Algarve, there the coastal region, peace and relaxation abound away from the hustle and bustle. It smells like eucalyptus and pine trees, lavender and Rosemary. Gentle hills and schroffe mountains, green eucalyptus forests, pine and oak groves, lemon and orange trees. Rivers with clear water and Great Lakes are the hilly landscape as a blue pigment in the green. The “via Algarviana” leads to sources and on peaks with spectacular views, in pretty mountain villages, where people often have a more traditional life in small towns with a glorious past, in which cultural heritage is palpable. The “via Algarviana” is divided into several sections, so that even day trips can be made.

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