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Algarve skydiving

Skydive Algarve is the latest addition to the Swallow Group jump sites, which include also the Dropzone Skydive Hibaldstow (England) and Skydive Spain (Seville, Spain).

Originally, skydive Algarve was built in 1999 but is since December 2014 run under British leader and ownership. The idea of the new owners is to further develop and expand Skydiving at the Algarve to an extraordinary jump Center.


Skydive Algarve is open 365 days a year and we presented
ourselves to the task made with our fast turbine aircraft at
a drop height to rise, as not only the highest drop height of
Portugal, 4300 m (14000 ft) but to be able to offer the best
free case experience with the best views over the coastal
landscape in Portugal.
Skydiving Algarve 2
The staff has been reinforced, so that we now six full-time
and very experienced instructor include the team, all
together six different Speak languages. So we can
welcome international guests and AFF students comfortably in different languages form.
Skydiving Algarve
The swallow group jump sites include an English Springer
family, the is known for their fast and large aircraft fleet,
as well as one in the market Reputation for operational
efficiency and exceptional safety standards enjoy.
Skydive Algarve
Aerodromo municipal de Portimão
Montes de Alvor
Portimão/Alvor 8500-059
Portugal(+351) 914 266 832
+ 351 496 282 581Skydive Algarve