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Algarve – fishing

Fishing in the Algarve

If you enjoy fishing, the Algarve is a dream come true. Let it be from the shore, rock, beach, Atlantic or the Mediterranean coast. You will find the right spot to fish only a few steps away with nice weather and pure nature around you. When fishing is your passion this must be life for you.

The Atlantic is one of the last not or least polluted fishing areas in Europe. For advanced fishers perch, bream, swordfish, tuna, sharks and Makos are the right catch since talent and technique are to be taken into consideration. Those who wants to take it rather easy, fishing for mackerel and garfish on at a little fishing trip is recommended.

Algarve fishing licenses

To fish at the Algrave you need a licence. For fishing out in the sea you require day lincenses. Both can be found and obtained at the local port authority. Naturally there will be bans and limitation of what you can fish at certain seasons for long term sustainability.

If you choose to fish at the riverside or so to day ”inlandish”, you need to go to the Agriculture authority who will give you a time bound license which covers all of Portugal. The Address is to be found on their website. In anyway, before you go off catching your fish of the day please inform yourself about the rules or laws in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

An address list of the Agriculture authority there on their website

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