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Lagos – airport transfer – taxi – rental car directly to the Villa – shopping service

Start your well-deserved holidays without stress – our Administration will order you a taxi to the airport and will bring you safe and relaxed to the villa Casa Aggi. The taxi service we use knows the way to the Villa which can be tricky to find.

When you decide to book a rental and like to avoid long waiting times at the airport car rental services, we can offer you, through our local administration and the in lagos based car rental services, a car which will be delivered directly to Casa Aggi.

When order for your holiday, a car would, and not the snake to the car rental counters at the airport be in to want to, then we can make a car the Villa to their choice via our Administration on the spot, two Lagos-based car rental providers, and settle all formalities alone in the Villa.

Arrive relaxed at the villa Casa Aggi, we let you take a taxi from the Airport pick up

Taxi for
1-4 persons € 80

5-8 people   € 100

If you decide to go by taxi, some shopping malls on the way offer you to buy food and drink in advance. Alternatively, for a small fee of €15, you can send us your shopping list so we can buy everything for you in advance.

Our local Administration in Portugal can provide you with a taxi if wanted. Communication can be tricky and if you don’t have a car we can only recommend to make good use of that small service.

Furthermore, if you choose one of below listed car rental service providers, our administration is happy to organize and deliver your wanted car rental directly to Casa Aggi. With it all document formalities can and be done at the Villa and waiting times at the car rental booth can be avoided for a small fee of 10 EUR.

Click car rental LUZ car

Click car Lagorent

Please fix small services on-site with our administrator. Shopping lists or car rental selection in advance about me, as the owner. Please note that we are not a professional tour operator, we like to convey also canoeing. My concern as the owner, with the connections on the spot, to make you holiday more comfortable.

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