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Lagos – Ballooning

Balloon trips above Lagos

If you seek out more adventures means to travel a balloon trip might just be your thing.
Preferred areas or fly zones are at the Algarve around Lagos which most commonly take off on the old Aerodromo.


The dream of flying is only a heartbeat away.

When willing to get up at night trips at such hours are also available at Aerodromo. During these hours the team of Barlavento Balloons will take you and other guests via Landrover through the night to the runway. Once up in the air the Panorama makes it worth getting up at night.
Barlavento Ballons at the moment not reachable

Barlavento Balloons
Barlavento Ballons
Escape the daily routine and give yourself time to breath and relax. Unique landscaped from a unique point of view will give you and your friends or loved ones a lovely experience

Algarve Balloons




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