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Lagos is one of the most diverse places in the Algarve. It connects the Rocky landscapes with long sandy beaches in the protective Cove. Lagos is known as “Gold Coast” because of its golden hue of the rocky coastline which forms fantastic caves next to the beaches and by families with boats can be visited.

The most famous beaches that have been awarded with the “blue flag” and the “gold quality” Praia da Luz and the MEIA Praia. The Awards reward the quality of the environment and guarantee at the same time the security and infrastructure enabling a wide variety of amenities and entertainment.

Praia do Camilo google the westernmost beach of Lagos is a piece ahead of the Ponta de Piedade, Lagos’s most famous rock tongue with lighthouse and rock domes. The Bay has impressive due to its special location, also because of the high aufgetuermten Cliff formations. The Bay is considered one of the most beautiful in the area, although it is somewhat hard to reach them: 195 levels you must descend – and unfortunately at the end get back on the day.

Praia-de-Don-Camilo by Felix-m-belzunce-martin
Praia-de-Don-Camilo by Felix-m-belzunce-martinPraia de Don Camilo Felix m Belzunce Martin
“Meia Praia” beach google to begin in Lagos and fluctuates in a wide arc, almost as far as the eye can see, the Bay along. A huge dune of soft, white sand flanked by the railway Lagos – Faro and removed a good chunk of the road. There are a number of beach cafes and restaurants. Children and surfers will find here good conditions. “Meia Praia” means: half beach. Sufficient space for parking.  Very clean water. Then again take it easy sometimes with beautiful waves.

Closer to the Harbour and there are various offers like parasailing, banana boat rides and pedalos to rent.

The farther you the beach direction Alvor goes up /-drives, it will be more quiet. The MEIA Praia beach is the best beach for a long, relaxing evening stroll.

MEIA Praia - kilometer long sandy beach with dunes - views of Alvor
MEIA Praia – kilometer long sandy beach with dunes – views of Alvor
Beach Praia do Canavial – Naturist allows google

Who seeks peace and bathes nude too and wants to experience only the sound of water and the nature, which should go down to the beach of Praia do Canavial. Praia do Canavial, reeds Beach, is hard to find and therefore still a little insider tip. The Bay is not signposted, probably partly because there are no management or supervision of a beach.

Praia do Canavial by Lau_Sqz
Praia do Canavial by Lau_Sqz
Praia de Porto of Mós google is located in Western Lagos. It lies very near the Ponta da Piedade – Lagos of famous headland in the West, with which this coast section of end of the gold – called Costa d’Oiro due to his ochre coloring in the setting sunlight, his end will be.

Porto do of Mós photo by O Jose Melo Flickr
Porto do of Mós photo by O Jose Melo Flickr

See this link for an official guide to the beaches of Algarve gate area information.

Written by Algarve Tourist Board / Meravista
The Algarve has some of the most beautiful and safest beaches in the world.

What is a blue flag award?
The blue flag is awarded new from season to season and beaches must meet 32 criteria in four categories:
Blue flag Algarve beaches – environmental education and information

Blue flag
Blue flag

► Water quality

Environmental management

► Security and services

The award-winning beaches are all clearly marked with the blue flag emblem. In addition are many of the Algarve Blue Flag beaches for wheelchair and for persons with reduced mobility.

Algarve Beach safety flag system – Beach safety flags

Safety flags
Safety flags

Algarve beaches must be marked with flags. It is important to inform visitors about the current status on the beach. Especially if you are not familiar with the local currents and undercurrents.


20. August 2016

Algarve: Warning of dangerous undercurrents

 At the risk of dangerous undercurrents while swimming in the Atlantic has the Autoridade Marítima de Sul noted. They most frequently occur in the immediate vicinity of jetties, groynes and sandbanks and are difficult or impossible to detect. Also in strong winds from South-East, which happened often this year, is to be expected with undercurrents.
 With a speed of 2m in the second or more they pull out the bathing in the sea. A speed that even an Olympic swimmer can’t beat.
The urgent advice of the port authorities is therefore to be quiet and to swim in no way against the flow. The recommendation is either out swim parallel to the shore from the flow or carry out to sea.
The warning was the death of a 16 to the 10 on the beach of Tres Pauzinhos in Vila Real de Santo Antonio right next to a mole.
Also the non-observance of a ban from the bad (red flag) can be life-threatening. This season, administrative fines had been imposed in 6 cases because swimmers did not adhere to the instructions of the lifeguards. It is possible a fine of 55-550 euro.

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